sisonke school

Sisonke School (meaning “together” in Xhosa) was opened in January 2008 out of a desperate need for an alternative to the underdeveloped and under-resourced schools.

There are currently 120 learners and 5 teachers.

This delightful school is run by local teachers with a passion for education. It aims at bringing life into education through poetry, music, drama, art and practical activities. Children are born with an innate thirst for knowledge and learning but this disappears when they enter a system based on tests and text books. Spoon feeding children does not stimulate them sufficiently, and the systems in place are not successfully allowing the progress and learning required. New imaginations will only shine through if the possibilities are left open. To close a child's mind is to close the door on our future. The whole community is involved in our school and the parents are awakened in their hearts to play an active role in their child's education. We are teaching traditional crafts, cultural stories are told by elders and music and rhythm imbue every day. A deep understanding of nature and the world fills every subject from measurement, to money, to science, to art, our curriculum is alive.

Volunteer opportunities

Once again there are many areas for you to be involved at the school, they may include, arts and crafts, play, music, story telling, lesson planning, recycling, gardening, extra lessons, singing, maintenance or food preparation.

Volunteers are not required to pay to volunteer at the school instead we encourage you to take, craft materials, educational toys and books to the school. You will be required to arrange your own food and accommodation at the near Jungle Monkey back packers VSA are available to assist you with this process if required.

We LOVE this school and see your input as a valuable part of the learners educational journey..

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