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When choosing to volunteer in South Africa there are many diverse opportunities available to you, depending on your skills and comfort requirements we endeavour to place you in communities that are most suited to both you and the people involved. Projects vary in location, culture and focus some are situated in remote and challenging areas where access to running water and electricity is not readily available, ablutions are basic and accommodation humble, while others are based in suburban South Africa with better access to basic comforts, such as internet, shops and water, either way your contribution skilled or unskilled will be appreciated and far reaching.
All the projects working with VSA have been verified and are continually monitored and encouraged to ensure a positive effect on the communities in which they operate.

Contact the projects directly – through the website addresses provided on the projects page or via VSA on the enquiry page. We at VSA act as a conduit between you and the project and can provide you with detailed information sheets, advice on your travel plans, food and accommodation options, methods of payment available and relevant placement options. We honor your decision to volunteer and make a difference, our intention is to nurture you on this journey and support both you and the people on the projects in affecting meaningful change.


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