9. What is the profile of a voluntourist?

Volunteers are without doubt very special people and the fact that you are considering this voluntour journey is a good indication that you are where you should be.

VSA accept anyone with a generous heart and willing to help. Volunteers will typically be around 18 – 35 years old. Although 35 years and older are more than welcome.

The majority of the volunteers are from the UK, Germany, USA and Canada, with the remaining coming from Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, France and Switzerland.

A typical voluntourist...
... is open to experiencing new cultures and meeting people from around the world.
…. is looking for a career break
... is a gap year student
... is tolerant and respectful of others, no matter what their beliefs or background.
... looks forward to broadening their horizons and exploring new lands.
... is flexible and adapts well to new situations and environments.
... is self-disciplined with a sense of independence.
... sees that volunteering provides them with a rewarding way in which to develop their own personal qualities and character while giving something back to the environment and communities in need.
... is pro-active and looks for opportunities to experience their new surroundings.
... acknowledges that South Africa in many ways is still a developing country and thus will provide them with a wide range of new experiences.

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