6. Why do I have to pay to join the voluntour?

You are paying for the unique opportunity to live at a grass level and in turn contribute valuable financial support to the community projects and the local accommodation and food suppliers. It is possible to find your own volunteer placements independently, but this can be dangerous and there are no guarantees. By paying to volunteer you are buying into a holistic approach where the community projects are managed and supported by VSA and in turn you the volunteer. You will be hard pressed to find a similar trip, that is off the tourist track and that positively affect so many peoples lives from any conventional tour operator. Keep in mind you are being supported for the duration of your stay, you are working on projects that are genuine and need your help, all you accommodation, food and in some cases transport is included and you get to see exactly where your money goes.

During the 30 day journey along the east coast of South Africa, and while on any of our projects you will have a unique opportunity to see a country at its grass roots level and not merely ‘window shopping’ as a tourist. The best part is your contribution goes a long way to making a lasting difference in the lives of many. The projects you are contributing to rely on people like you and I to remain in operation. This is not just a donation, you see where your contribution is going, aid in the every day running of the projects and interact with the animals (at the Manger) and humankind in need. It is an exchange between you and the people/ animals of the projects. Your contribution pays for the day to day running of each of the 3 projects we visit and covers all your traveling costs, allowing you to focus on the act of volunteering and the wonderful experiences and sights South Africa.

It’s a safe and heart centric way to see a country with many personal rewards.

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