13. How much should I budget for everyday?

South Africa offers great value for money for visitors and you can survive on surprisingly little per day.


If your meals are not included in the project quote then the basic costs are:
Breakfast R30, Lunch R55 and Dinner R75

However restaurant options can be a lot higher than this depending on your tastes. An average good meal out will cost you around R140 for a main and dessert.

Some other approximate costs (vary between shops and places) you might need are R18 for a bottle of beer, R65 for a bottle of wine, R26 for a McDonalds meal, between R12 and R20 for sandwiches at a supermarket, R11 for a 500ml bottle of water, R10 for a soft drink.


There are a wide range of activities on offer in the surrounding areas of at every project, from canoe trips & canopy tours boat rides and city tours. Budget between R100 – R300 for these.


If you are staying in a back packers the laundry is usually around R60 per load, if you are staying in a community village, it is always great to pay a local to wash your clothes for you and provide some income to their lives.

Internet access:

The average price for ½ hour on the net is R35.


Budget for some great curios, clothes, toys and food.

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